World Famous Writer and Designer Chip Kidd Comes to Shrewsbury

The high standard of events being announced for the first Comics Salopia Festival in Shrewsbury is pretty staggering, but the latest event announcement is hitting another level of the creative stratosphere as legendary writer, book designer and public speaker Chip Kidd is confirmed to be delivering an inspiring talk to festival attendees at the University on Saturday 1st June at 14.45 pm.

In the 45 minute seminar entitled ‘Don’t Know Where, Don’t Know When: Creating a classic Batman and Robin story’, Mr. Kidd will take you through the entire creative process of making a ten-page comic book story featuring Batman, Robin, The Joker, and the Man of Steel.

Working with acclaimed artist Michael Cho, Kidd will show you scripts, sketches, layouts and final execution of this extraordinary narrative that appeared in ‘Batman: Black and White’ issue #1. As a bonus, Kidd will show many of his privately commissioned sketch covers for this issue, featuring some of the world’s very best comics artists, including: Chris Ware, Art Spiegelman, Frank Quitely, Alex Ross, Frank Miller, Jim Lee, Steve Rude, Charles Burns, Neal Adams, Bill Sienkiewicz, Alison Bechdel, Yukio Shimizu, Jiro Kuwata, Gengoroh Tagame, Kyle Baker, Mike Mignola, and many others. This work cannot be seen anywhere else, only at this exclusive live presentation.

Chip Kidd is a contemporary American graphic designer, author and editor. Born on 12 September 1964, in Pennsylvania, he grew up to be an associate art director at the New York publishing house, Knopf. He was hired at the publishing house as a junior assistant in 1986. Besides, Kidd freelanced for various firms and produced more than 70 book jackets per year. Some of the publishing houses he freelanced for included Farrar Straus & Giroux, Amazon, HarperCollins, Scribner and Penguin/Putnam. At Pantheon Book he designed the graphic novels.

He is best recognised as graphic designer for book covers. Being a huge admirer of comic books he not only wrote some of those for DC Comics but also designed their covers.

The film adaptation of Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park novel featured Kidd’s concept art for the novel. Other famous authors, Oliver Sacks and Lisa Birnbach, also requested his expertise for their books’ covers.

The leading American literary news magazine, Publishers Weekly commented on his book jackets as being creepy, unconventional, cunning and striking. They are designed in a manner that makes the book readers appreciate the covers as a separate art form and as well as part of literature.

The American national daily newspaper USA Today lauded his spirit in the graphic designing and called him “the closest thing to a rock star” in the industry. James Ellroy, a widely recognized author, appreciated Kidds book jacket designs and called him “the world’s greatest” graphic designer.

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