Mardol Quay

Mardol is an historic street with a variety of architectural styles, ranging from Tudor timber-framed buildings to more modern constructs. It runs from the site of the St George’s Bridge (a crossing of the Severn, replaced by the nearby Welsh Bridge, at a place called Mardol Quay) up to the town centre, a place called Mardol Head.

The origin of the name of the street is not clear. One possibility is “the mard wall” meaning boundary wall, another is “the Devil’s End”.

The Mardol Dragon is a famous feature… a wooden carving sitting up side down on a corner beam  of one of the street’s timber fronted buildings.

Shuts and passages leading from the street include the King’s Head Passage, Phoenix Place, Mardol Gardens, Carnarvon Lane, Hill’s Lane and Roushill Bank. At the top of Mardol stands a public artwork, Darwin Gate, created in 2004, whilst at the foot is The Quantum Leap, another large outdoor artwork created in 2009.

The Darwin & Pride Hill Shopping Centres

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