Judge Dredd Co Creator John Wagner Writes The Comics Trail Story

Before anyone can create any art there has to be a script.
And this huge life size comic is no exception.
We are delighted to announce that the story for the trail has been written by none other than the legendary 2000ad writer and Judge Dredd co creator John Wagner!
John lives locally in Shropshire and is one of the most respected writers in British Comics.
As well as co creating the Iconic Lawman of the Future with the late great Carlos Ezquerra he created two long-running series during his time at 2000ad.
“Robo-Hunter”, a private detective-style character who specialised in robot-related cases, with José Ferrer and Ian Gibson and “Strontium Dog”, a sci-fi western about a bounty hunter in a future where mutants are an oppressed minority forced into doing such dirty work also with Ezquerra for Starlord a short-lived sister title to 2000AD with higher production values.
John has also worked for DC Comics and with fellow writer Alan Grant co wrote a critically acclaimed run on their flagship title Batman.
We are absolutely thrilled that John could be

our writer on the Comics Trail, weaving a time hopping and inspiring yarn that delves into the history of Shrewsbury as well as looking ahead to the future.

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