Yanick Paquette

Yanick Paquette is Shuster award winner Canadian penciller. He has worked for Topps, Marvel and DC, wildstorm and Vertigo Comics and since 1994.

Among the titles Paquette contributed to are Wonder Woman, Superman, Avengers, Codename: Knockout, Gambit, JLA, Civil War: X-Men, Wolverine Weapon X,  Terra Obscura with Alan Moore and  Seven Soldiers: The Bulleteer with Grant Morrison.

Paquette was the regular artist on Ultimate X-Men. He later supplied the art for Morrison’s Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne #3 and Batman Incorporated. He was the artist on the relaunch of the acclaimed new52 Swamp Thing, with writer Scott Snyder.

Teaming-up again with Grant Morrison, he illustrated a series of original graphic novels Wonder Woman: Earth One.

Yanick is currently drawing Superman stories with writer Brian Bendis and Batman with Tom King. 

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