Nigel Parkinson

The official cartoonist of The Beano’s Dennis the Menace, Bash Street Kids, Bananaman, Roger the Dodger and writes and draws Minnie the Minx and draws or has drawn most other Beano and Dandy characters at some time or other.

He was responsible for writing and drawing the acclaimed “Harry Hill’s Adventures in TV Land” for The Dandy. He’s also drawn Thunderbirds, Grange Hill, Baywatch, Stingray, Count Arthur Strong, etc, etc over a 38 year career.

Nigel has kindly agreed to run two free workshops for kids with a little help from Beano Editor John Anderson as part of our free Kids Zone activities in the Library.

He’ll also be joined by three other Beano legends for a special Panel at the Guildhall sponsored by local solicitors Lanyon Bowdler, who run our art competition for schools.

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