Lew Stringer

The British Comics legend who is known as Lew Stringer has been a professional humour comic artist and writer since 1984, creating many characters such as TOM THUG, PETE AND HIS PIMPLE, COMBAT COLIN, BRICKMAN, ROBO-CAPERS, DEREK THE TROLL, SUBURBAN SATANISTS and others.

He has freelanced for IPC, Marvel Comics, Egmont, Panini,D.C. Thomson, and many others, covering the comics field from originated characters to licensed properties and pre-school to adult on comics such as BUSTER, OINK!, BEANO, DANDY, TRANSFORMERS, SONIC THE COMIC, TOXIC, VIZ, CiTV TELLYTOTS, LEGO ADVENTURES, HERMAN HEDNING, SWEET FA, ACTION FORCE, SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN, RAMPAGE, LUCKY BAG COMIC, SWIFTSURE, WARLOCK, WHITE DWARF, ACES WEEKLY, THE DAREDEVILS, THE MIGHTY WORLD OF MARVEL, and many more.

His most recent comics work has included: ‘Team Toxic’ for Egmont’s TOXIC magazine, ‘Postman Prat’, ‘Kid Cops’ and ‘The Dark Newt’ for THE DANDY, ‘Rasher’, ‘Pup Parade’, ‘Big Eggo’ and ‘Ivy the Terrible’ for THE BEANO abd ‘The Daft Dimension’ for DOCTOR WHO MAGAZINE.

He also self publshes his own creator owned Combat Colin, Derek The Troll and Brickman Comics, which have a loyal cult following across the UK and beyond.

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