Lew Stringer

The British Comics legend who is known as Lew Stringer has been freelancing professionally in comics as an artist and writer since 1983, inspired by a lifelong love of the medium. Over the years he has worked for titles such as the Beano, Dandy, Oink!, Viz, Doctor Who Magazine, Sonic the Comic and many more. 

He also self publishes his own creator owned Combat Colin, Derek The Troll and Brickman Comics, which have a loyal cult following across the UK and beyond.

Lew joined us for the 2019 Comics Salopia Festival and was a wonderful guest and genuinely easy going guy – which is probably no surprise considering his Beano and Dandy talents! He was also one of our esteemed artists on the 2021 Comics Trail, you can find his artwork in the Quarry which is very Beano-esque! We are very pleased that Lew is able to join us one again for the 2022 Comics Salopia festival, hosting some very exciting Beano workshops which were a major sell out in the last festival.

A comic art tip from Lew for aspiring creators: “I work traditionally in pencil and ink, then scan the work into Photoshop to add the colour.”
Check out his online blog here: Lew Stringer Comics

Lew Stringer joins our trail with his Beano and Dandy artistic talents!

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