John Wagner



The iconic John Wagner, and author of our Shrewsbury Comic Art Trail!

John Wagner is best known for his work for 2000AD, having co-created Judge Dredd, Strontium Dog and many other memorable characters. His graphic novel ‘A History of Violence’ is now a major film by director David Cronenberg, with an award-winning screenplay by Josh Olsen.  His latest project is Rok of the Reds, the critically acclaimed tale of the world’s first alien footballer (available at

As always, we cannot wait to have John join us for the Comics Salopia 2022 festival! 

You may also know that John wrote the amazing script for our 2021 Comics Trail, which was no easy feat! John carefully and cleverly wove together a succinct script that not only references the nine locations of each artwork, but takes you through a time-hopping story from Shrewsbury’s past to its present. Definitely worth checking out!

John will also be featuring in a special panel called “From Dredd to Red” along with artist Dan Cornwell. Book here:



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