John Anderson

John is the first non-Scottish editor of Beano. Originally from Jarrow (where they marched from), he came to Dundee to study animation with big dreams of being the next Chuck Jones… dreams that were dashed when he discovered he was much better at writing cartoons than drawing them.

John has worked in comics since 2004, joining the Beano team as an editorial assistant, opening the sacks full of mail (back when people used to send physical items through the post!). Following spells on The Dandy and BeanoMAX, John has come full circle and is now the seventh incumbent of the editor’s chair, leading the team of writers and illustrators into Beano’s ninth decade of mischievous fun.

At the festival John will be hosting a special Beano Panel with four of it legendary creators and will also be helping to co ordinate free workshops for kids aged 6-12 lead by Dennis The Menace artist Nigel Parkinson and Mini The Minx artist Laura Howell at the Shrewsbury Town Library.

And for those of you a bit older who fancy themselves as professional cartoonists, John will also be conducting limited portfolio reviews. Find o#out more about all of our Beano related events on the Events Page

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