John Allison

John Allison is a writer and artist living in Letchworth Garden City.

He is the writer of Giant Days and By Night (BOOM!Box) and the writer/artist of Bad Machinery (Oni Press).

In addition, he created the webcomics Bobbins and Scary Go Round, with his work appearing online, usually daily, since 1998. Giant Days and Bad Machinery were nominated for Eisner Awards in 2016,17 & 18, and John is the current holder of the Best Long-Form Online Comic award from the US National Cartoonists’ Society. Giant Days is currently being published in seven foreign language editions.

Outside of his creator-owned work, John has worked on Marvel’s Civil War 2: Choosing Sides, Marceline & The Scream Queens, and once even got to draw a cover for Squirrel Girl. He’s never been to Shrewsbury before.

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