Jimmy Broxton

Jimmy Broxton is an artist, designer and doppleganger who has quite possibly worked professionally in comics and graphic art since the 1980s.


After early exposure to the Jack Lemmon film “HOW TO MURDER YOUR WIFE” his career path was set, not that of an uxoricidal maniac, but instead a comic strip artist. Preferably one with a three story town house, a convertible, a man servant and a glamorous wife who popped out of a cake. He has the house and the car, he’s working on the rest.


In various guises he has pencilled, inked, coloured and lettered (sometimes all at the same time) for just about every major comics publisher going. Clients include: DC Comics, Marvel, Dark Horse, Dynamite, IDW, Jet City/Amazon and most recently Rebellion here in the UK.


With his comics’ “husband” Guy Adams he co-created the 1960s newspaper strip that never was: “Goldtiger” published by Rebellion. The pair also created and continue to chronicle the ongoing adventures of “Hope” the 1950s supernatural detective series soon to return to the pages of 2000AD.


Other works include: The newly redesigned Vampirella for Dynamite, Storm Warning (for the 2000AD Megazine), The comics adaption of Hugh Howey’s cult novel “WOOL”  for jet City/Amazon (with Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray), Sex and Violence: Pornland (also with Palmiotti and Gray), Standstill (a creator own science fiction series with Justin Gray), Treatment (with Dave Gibbons for Madefire) and The Engine (with Guy Adams, also for Madefire).


When not creating comics, obsessing about “negative space” and getting Japanese ink all over his hands, the artist enjoys cooking, drinking continental beer, listening to jazz and driving German sports cars, (though not necessarily in that order.) He also enjoys pretending to be some one else.


He lives somewhere in England with too many books, too few cats and a mistress.

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