Gary Drew

Gary Drew was born in Hartlepool in 1964 and moved to North Wales around 1968 where he still resides today. From a young age the pencil dominated Gary’s life. Often caught doodling in class on the corner of the page.

The irony that his surname would indicate what he truly loved to do.

His degree is in illustration and was achieved in Wrexham College of Art in 1980-1984. After leaving college Gary Drew soon discovered that illustration was not what he wanted to do.

Gary painted everything and anything including portraits, horse paintings in oils, large murals and even cartoons using different mediums from pencils, water colours, oils and air brushing. Murals became very popular and he completed large scale murals single headedly and he loves this exciting challenge of producing a wide variety of works in various styles far and wide.

Examples of Gary Drew’s work can be found at the Libertine cocktail bar, Severn Social and Platform some of the hottest places to visit in Shrewsbury for fun food and entertainment.

The peaks and troughs of surviving in the art world and with over 30 years of experience of a career in art have provided Gary Drew with more than a wealth of experience.

Also the confidence and ability to create works of art that will not only please the eye but take your breath away.

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