Fran O’Boyle

Fran O’Boyle is a Shrewsbury based illustrator and mural artist. Over the years, has worked with writers on various publications including books by local writers Sally Tonge; Shropshire Ghost Stories and Julia Dean Richards; Snailbeach Tails. He also once worked on a serialised comic strip for the Belfast based, Irish language newspaper, Lá ( Day).

In the past he has worked on murals for Wolverhampton Libraries and Filmmaker/photographer, Ray Jacobs but began focus on it as a more full time occupation three years ago when he was asked to help create a mural for a restaurant in Cordoba’ Spain.

Fran has always been a collector graphic novels and an advocate of sequential storytelling as a way of promoting literacy in schools and enabling children with poor or undeveloped writing skills but good imaginations to express themselves and turn their ideas into stories.

He has painted murals of all sizes in bars, restaurants, community centres, public streets and building sites all over the UK and in Ireland.

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