Eldo Yoshimizu

Eldo Yoshimizu is a renowned artist, photographer and sculptor from Japan. He has established public art in numerous public spaces and has held exhibitions all over the world including New York, Tokyo and Korea.

One day he picked up his pencils and started drawing the manga RYUKO about a female underground Yakuza boss, and he has not looked back since discovering his passion for sequential art and storytelling.

RYUKO, has also been published in France, Italy and Germany to great acclaim and will be published in the UK and the US by Titan Comics this June.

Eldo is greatly influenced by Japanese films of the 1960s, the Film Noir of French Cinema and British punk band The Clash, naming Joe Strummer as one of his heroes.

Find out more about Eldo via his website at: https://www.eldoyoshimizu.com/about


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