Doug Braithwaite


Doug Braithwaite, renowned Marvel and DC artist joining us on the Trail!

 For over more than thirty years, Doug Braithwaite has worked for just about every major company in the industry.

Known for his dynamic style, his work at Marvel and DC includes Punisher, Green Arrow, Wolverine, Universe-X, Thor, Journey Into Mystery, Batman, Justice – to name just a few! He’s also had successful spells at Image and Valiant comics, producing some powerful, thought-provoking and critically acclaimed work.

Recently, new company, BAD IDEA, chose him to launch their first Matt Kindt scribed, and critically acclaimed title: ENIAC and with further titles in the pipeline expect to see more from Doug at BAD IDEA.

Currently he is working on Icon and Rocket for DC’s landmark launch of Milestone Returns and enjoying himself immensely.

He’s a busy boy! And we are so incredibly pleased that he has made time to join us on the Shrewsbury Comic Art Trail! We look forward to unveiling his work to you very, very soon…



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