Chris Wright

Chris Wright, the artist behind SHOMI CREATIVE says he is not sure what he considers himself to be… It’s the eternal question… a father first and foremost; an Artist definitely!

He always has to be doing something creative or he will go crazy. It’s always been the same for him from college through to University, where he thrived, focussing on art full time.

“I found myself creating some great work and feeling great” he says.

He left Uni and like many young artists, found it was a real struggle to earn a living on art full time. Over the next few years he was working in his art studio and also working full time. He met his wife and had two beautiful daughters and then had a chance to transform his studio into a gallery called SHOMI GALLERY in his spare time.

Surrounded by art, alternating exhibiting artists every month and attracting artists from all over the country to exhibit, running art classes for children and adults, whilst always working away on his own art in the back of the gallery, Chris was in his element.

But working full time and running the gallery took it’s toll on family life and he just wasn’t seeing his family grow up.

Chris soon realised he would never be able to get this precious time with his young children back and that he would have missed one of life’s greatest gifts if he carried on, so he closed the gallery.

SHOMI GALLERY morphed into SHOMI CREATIVE where Chris then began doing a full design experience from logos drinks menus to websites. He thought he could work at home around the kids, but it wasn’t him, he was behind a computer most of the time, which is not what a painter and sculptor wants to spend their time on.

Then, out of the blue, Chris was invited to design and paint a mural on the floor of a cocktail bar, which then lead to him being asked to create the interior design of another cocktail bar. With one job following another and another until the current SHOMI CREATIVE was born, focusing on interior design and Mural art work.

Now Chris still juggles family life and working part time running a café, but with SHOMI CREATIVE booming Shrewsbury Town itself is now Chris’ gallery and his kids love it!

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