Cherie Jerrard

Live Sketch artist and illustrator Cherie Jerrard studied Fashion for 20 years including 9 years living and working as a Fashion Designer / Illustrator in London full time and as a freelancer. During this time she had her own clothing brand called ‘Slush’, which sold internationally. She swapped Hackney for Shropshire and studied at Manchester School of Art for a Masters in Illustration. While there she entered a Moleskine competition for reportage style illustrations, she was excited to get into the final and that’s when she discovered sketching could be something more… she was sponsored by Lamy and published a newspaper called ‘Everyday Reportage’ (series 1).

Cherie enjoys ferreting out interesting coffee houses, cafes and tea rooms as part of her cafe culture illustrations and not just because she loves a good toastie but because they attract a diverse range of people! She finds the reality of everyday people refreshing; it brings an honest, authentic context to the drawings… An antidote to celebrity overloads and staged photoshoots. The sketches are combined with a hint of photographic detail to convey the reality of the venue, giving you a glimpse of what it was like to be there in that moment. The drawings are layered over time and you may notice an extra arm or leg as movement is captured. Depending on the focus of the work she may feature lights or furniture along side people to illustrate the interaction and lifestyle of that brand or venue.

It was Cherie’s unique style of storytelling through her lively images that attracted the festival organisers to ask her to be involved with Comics Salopia and we are delighted that she will be working with us to bring her individual approach to our visitors on a large scale.

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