Andrew Lawden

In a career spanning over 20 years ,Andrew is best known for his roles as Stand -in double for Qui gon Jinn ( Liam Neeson ) and Naboo Soldier. ( Royal Guard ) in “Star wars – Phantom Menace Ep1 “,  “Robin Hood Prince of Thieves,”  “Third Contact”, “Topboy”, for Channel 4,  and the Dr who tribute  “Tale of the Time Lord .”

 Recently he has been in ITV’s “Prime Suspect 1973” , the BBC’s “EastEnders ” as the mysterious Chris , and is currently working on a new series for DC Comics , ( ssshh ) .

Coming from a background of classical theatre, and musicals, his credits include West End roles in “Macbeth” , “Taming of the Shrew ” , ” Baby Doll ” “Grand Hotel ” ,”7 Brides for 7 Brothers ” and most recently, alternating the roles of Doc Brown and Strickland in the London stage version of “Back to the Future “, with Secret cinema (“Great Scott “, and he’s driven the De Lorean ! ) 

A popular guest on the sci-fi convention circuit, Andrew travels across the country and around the world  with the Jedi Fight Academy ,  to do the extremely popular  light-sabre training classes. 

Andrew looks forward to meeting fans old and new, and doing some great classes. 

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