Exhibitors & Traders

We are now taking bookings for the Comics Salopia 2022 festival. 

We have two prime footfall locations with a limited number of stalls available; the Castle and the Museum. A guest artist will be resident throughout these locations to attract further footfall.

Just imagine being able to break even with your first sale at a convention!

We also offer a great alternative for small press publishers to sell their books at the festival without having to risk a large outlay on table hire.

You can hire a single space at one of our shared small press tables for just £5 per day plus a small 7.5% handling and transaction fee from your sales.

No longer do you have the stress of worrying if you’ll make your table costs back if you are a new publisher.

No longer do you have to be stuck behind a table all day while everyone else is enjoying the festival.

Our staff will sell your books for you and you just collect your earnings at the end of each day.

You can book up to 7 different title slots per publisher (It’s better value to hire a full table with more than 7).  And if you are unable to attend the festival we can also take postal submissions.

However the cost of any returns will be deducted from your earnings and there is a limit of 20 copies per slot for postal submissions.

Ensure you are signed up to our enquirers mailing list going forwards, to receive special early bird prices. 

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch at info@comicssalopia.com or drop us a message via our face book page.


Publisher's Stall

In the Museum
£ 45 Per day or buy the combined weekend option for £85
  • Includes a 6x2 table and up to two exhibitor passes.
  • This is a prime location in the centre of town with free public access and high footfall.
  • There will also be some of our guests based here.

Trader’s Stall

In the Castle Grounds
£ 65 Sunday only
  • These are covered 6x2 stalls with free public access and high footfall
  • The Comics Fair in the castle is the focal point of the festival and aimed at families and therefore ideal for retailers, publishers of all ages comics, artists, face painters, caricature artists and other family attractions.
  • The castle is a prime spot for our other workshops and events which are all located in that immediate area.
25 Available

Single Title Publisher's Table Share

In the Museum
£ 5 Per day plus 7.5% handling & transaction charge
  • Gives you a single facing at one of our tables to sell your comics
  • You can enjoy the festival without being stuck behind a table and still sell your books
  • You can now break even by selling just one of your comics
  • You can rent up to 7 slots at a table and you collect your earnings at the end of each day