Exhibitors & Traders

There will be a stunning array of options for those wanting to exhibit their work and their publications at Comics Salopia.

In the Town Square there will be huge free entry publishers market with massive footfall right in the centre for town.

In the Castle grounds our free entry comics fair will feature opportunities for face painters, caricaturists and all manner of family arts and entertainment.

There will also be opportunities for artists to hire a cell for the weekend inside the Dana Prison creating their own personalised exhibition space alongside the artists and writers from 2000AD.

For retailers and dealers there will also be amazing opportunities for pop up shops in the shopping centres and at other venues across the town.

Exhibitor bookings are now open. If you are interested in exhibiting at the Festival and would like to find out more we would love to hear from you at: info@comicssalopia.com

Publishers Market Stall

In the Square
£ 120
Saturday & Sunday only no single day bookings
  • Includes a large covered stall with 2 6x2 tables and up to two exhibitor passes.
  • This is a prime location in the centre of town with free public access and very high footfall.
  • The square is a main through route to the Charlie Adlard Exhibition in the Museum & Art Gallery and the Comics Film Marathon at the Old Market Hall Cinema.
  • There will also be some of our guests based here.

Artist’s Cell

In the Dana Prison
£ 90
Saturday & Sunday only no single day bookings
  • Includes table and chair and a 6x6 cell
  • Artists can decorate the cell however they please
  • The prison will be populated by 2000ad artists and writers in the main cell block and is free public access guaranteeing a good footfall
40 Available

Trader’s Stall

In the Castle Grounds
£ 120
Saturday & Sunday only no single day bookings
  • These are covered 6x2 stalls with free public access and high footfall
  • The Comics Fair in the castle is the focal point of the festival and aimed at Families and therefore ideal for publishers of all ages comics, artists, face painters, caricature artists and other family attractions.
30 Available

Pop Up Shops

and Shopping Centre Stalls
£ 100
Saturday & Sunday only no single day bookings
  • Blocks of 6x6 space can be hired in the available shopping locations by publishers, retailers or artists within shopping spaces in the town
  • These include empty shops on the main Castle Street between the Castle and the Square and in the three shopping centres in the town centre
  • Free access to the public so good footfall predicted