Saturday 14.45 – 15.30 at The Guildhall, Room 026


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In this talk Dr Lars Wallner will show how comics can be used in classrooms from primary to secondary school.

Comics have long been popular reading with children and young people, and movies, video games, and magazines use comics culture more than ever.

Combining text and image makes comics a different kind of reading, which is entertaining, provoking, and educational.

At the same time, their popularity and diversity of subject matter is rarely utilised in the classroom. Why is that?

Research has shown that comics can be a big motivational factor for reading – and here we take a look at what can be done with them in a educational setting.


Snikt! Bam! Comics Are Loud Learning

Using Comics in The Classroom with Dr. Lars Wallner
£ 5
Saturday at 16.30 - Room 026
  • This event is free for teachers looking for ways to utilise comics as a learning aid in the classroom. However parents are also welcome to book a place at this fascinating talk.

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