Mission Statement

  • We stand for inclusion, diversity, creativity and integrity.
  • We champion freedom of artistic expression, equality of opportunity and fairness
  • We care about literacy for reluctant readers, and access to the arts for all

Aims & Objectives

The aims and objectives of the festival are both long term and short term, both for the local community and the national comic industry as follows:

  • For people of all ages and from all backgrounds to engage with sequential art and to be inspired, enriched and entertained by the work of the artists and writers who are exhibiting and who are taking part in the event.
  • To support the local charity “Share Shrewsbury”, this, in turn supporting people of all ages who are recovering from addiction, through the sharing of skills and recourses.
  • To increase the awareness internationally, nationally and locally of Shrewsbury as a hub for the creative arts through public engagement and original artistic endeavours
  • To encourage reluctant readers via the literary medium of comics
  • To educate the general public about the true potential of the story telling medium of comic art beyond the constraints of popular culture with interactive installations and events
  • To enable aspiring artists and writers to benefit from the experience and knowledge of seasoned professionals from within the comic industry via a series of educational and interactive events
  • To bring large amounts of people from all over the UK and beyond into the town of Shrewsbury, boosting the local economy and providing an enriching and positive experience to all those attending the festival.